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 Sasha in Vogue(UK) above: Love the white/black and especially the black laces and black hat to offset an otherwise all white outfit. This look would be perfect for Arielle of Something Navy - one of my favoritist bloggers right now! She already OWNS those white Lita's too! Check her out at NYFW in almost the exact opposite:

Image below is from the current Koton collection . The uber preppy looks are not for moi, but the sweater dress below is a keeper. Mostly I love her hair. I just bought some clip in bangs to try out... will let you see as soon as I have them at least partially mastered :)
I have been eyeing this YSL skirt. The placement of the pocket is all the change you need in an otherwise  traditional A line skirt and of course the ultimate - black/white combo. The price? Coming in at just under a mere $1500.00 ...

I have been seeing this new eyeliner trick everywhere! This look is in the current Harpers Bazaar (US). I think I want to try it. Considering that is where most of my eyeliner ends up - why not START at the crease?!

I also love her curly hair and the adidas-esque pants. Funny how if we saw anyone in Walmart pimpin' these, it would somehow not look so cool. Denni of The Chic Muse shows us all how to do it street style:

Off to catch up on the collections! Muah xoxoxo  

Images sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue, Something Navy, The Chic Muse and Bergdorf Goodman

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