THE BOMBshells

Total inspiration. Loving  pinup glamour, leather & lace, gap teeth, converse with anything, denim, messy blond hair with dark eyebrows, Erin Wasson everything, perfect take (with little leather shorts and big shoulder) of the 80's sporty glamour and lastly... THAT red dress is divine!


IFB x Juicy Couture

Get shopping!


St. John

I told you I scored the last 2 times I went thrifting! Found this vintage St. John crochet dress on the racks for about $8. Takes a bit of  a daring personality to wear nothing much underneath. Good thing is that you can not see hardly anything through it anyway! Otherwise a beige/ nude little slip would make sure there are no 'slips' of any kind. I paired it with a F21 hat and Jeffrey Campbell clogs but dying to pair with a bikini, a wide brim straw hat, bare feet and sand. Ahhhhhhh


My Look for Summer

The jumpsuit is pure 70's perfection from the loose fitting draping to the rust color to the wavy, messy hair..

Free People Jumpsuit

Hanneli M. ICON

I love me some H&M - yes the store and Hanneli M. I love her. I adore her style and beauty. She is a carefree beauty. Just look at the xl sweater draping a more than model  perfect body and her face is exquisite. I mean really - those brows, those eyes, those lips, that hair. Did I mention Love?


Pretty Pleats


Ok so before we got booted from this property for taking "public pictures", Sara and I were enjoying the fun of trying to snap some blog worthy photos in front of this beautiful stained glass window. Funny thing is we got what we wanted with the help of mother nature blowing this pleated beauty all over the place and almost causing a Marilyn moment. (ish would not have been as sexy - believe me).  Even funnier, we work in the building across the street with the same owner as this building so really??? We even designed some of the tenants - any hoo....  public pictures still makes me laugh.. The comments and stares this skirt yields is even funnier - let's see in one day this skirt / me was called: ballerina, pink swan, interesting etc. I happen to love the satin material (maybe not so much in stomach area), the pleats upon pleats, the pink color and even the weird knee cap length. Found in a Goodwill in Savannah - Arden B for $8 - score! Paired with a Gap T and Jeffrey Campbell wedges in a weird lilac/ grey. They stated grey as the color but they don't really match anything grey that I own :) For a girl that never really harped on pink that much, I sure do like it lately.



Wearing a very drapey dress from H&M with Gucci shoes. Poppa has been practicing his blogger pose and I think he has it!


Dame Taylor

R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth Taylor. 1932 - 2011. You will never be forgotten.


The tide is high.... but I'm holdin on

Fully embracing the multi-print trend with a green/white Izod men's shirt, Ann Taylor thrifted b/w polka dot skort (yeah baby yeah), vintage belt, F21 hat, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and H&M purse w. d.i.y. fur collar as tail. See the white hoops AGAIN? This may be a newish/old infatuation. As for my new writing gig.... I got called out on my first 'article' - will let you know as soon as I make the cut lol. Today has been hella strange.

Photos by: ERIK


DIVA is a female version of a hustla..

I have always loved anything from the seventies era: Afros, flares, platforms, you name it! So I am happy to hear whenever the 70's make a 'comeback'. I'm doing a little jive walking in my Christiana Zinn denim jacket, Club Monaco flares (easy laid back vibe of the 70's means I can just roll my pants and not actually commit to hemming them.... I mean, I have a large bag of items that are supposed to go to the alterations already!), and a DIVA shirt from ebay. Love the tacky silver threads in the afro... look close or click on any pic for a close up. White stone ring and white hoops ( I think I am going back to wearing larger than life hoops for the summer) from F21. These pants are like pajamas - got them in beige too.
This week's agenda includes going outside as much as possible, cramming work into a 4 day work week, meetings/ planning for fashion event coming in April, introduce new writing gig to you all and living life fully! Enjoy your week xoxox


RiRi en Vogue

Have not even made it thru the March US Vogue (with Gaga-lita no less!) and am already salavating over the April cover with one of my fave girls: Rihanna. Will be checking the mail box every day!

I'm a planner - trying to get everything booked for NYFW - yes in September. It will be my first time going and I am of course very excited. Any one else already booked and ready to go?!



I Whip My Hair...

Dipped the ponytail ends in a hot pink temporary color by Streekers - you can find at Ulta in a bevvy of colors. Mine washed out - eventually. I would not rely on the 1 time wash on the instructions though.. mine took like 3 washes. Still no pain - no gain. Loved it 3 times over! The reliable leopard booties from the Maxx as well as Gap jeans and a Pepe jeans top. Did you spot the new triangle ring? Made from 100% recycled aluminium.... lovely!

All fun aside... prayers and thoughts to all those in Japan and those affected by this tragedy. Blessings.

Photos/ editing: Sara F.


Plastic and Leather

Apparently I am dreaming of plastic and leather?! Saw a dude walking down Peachtree with the black/lime wayfarers and they looked hella cool. I kind of like the cheesy plastic pink ones and they have them on Amazon for like a $1! Super cool site I found Cattle Press Leather and they have these awesome leather clutches, saddlebags and get this LEATHER RINGS. Check them out! Lastly, I saw these beige leather shorts in my size on Ebay - contemplating.... Happy Friday all!


Wishlist: United Nude

Yes please. United Nude shoes for summer may be all you need to update your wardrobe to far out status.

PC: United Nude



On vacation this time, something happened. Maybe it happens with each vacation, but it has been so long since I took one, I forget. There is a reason we are “given” time off. Do not waste this time. Time is a precious commodity. Some have more of this than others. Back to the subject at hand…. (You will find I go off the scheduled path with an ease like no other) inspiration. Vacation is for rest, peace, to live your life the way you want to, each second is what you want to do, eating, soul searching, and of course – getting inspired. Everyday life can be inspiring. Can be. You have to look and remember to look when you go day in and out with the same ole schedule. So the beauty, serenity and just general free and artsy vibe of Savannah and Tybee Island GA provided me with just the getaway I needed. I thought I needed the sandy beaches of an exclusive far away resort, but alas I learned I only needed a trip 4 hours south! The beach is what does it for me. To each their own. Yes the mountains I love.. the fresh air, the calm, open road and lack of technology give any mountain town near me a great escape from it all, however nothing beats the sand, water and sun at the beach. It was a perfect 75 almost the entire time. I thought – a lot. Life, love, me. Recently I have uncovered a new me. Maybe it is the real me. Maybe you are interested? If not, leave now. I feel the need to share with my readers as I never have before. I feel the need to be honest and real. I always thought I was… but I may have even fooled myself….

I live in Atlanta, have done since 1992 when I decided to leave Bolton, England and return to the USA to start college. I was 17. No family for at least 6 hours and freedom to boot? Let’s just say that story until now is a novel in more than one part. So let’s stay away from that road for now.. at least most of it. Atlanta was not as it is today. It was a city – a beautiful city which was new to the hustle and bustle and varying folks moving to town. In fact I thought of it as just a big town. Fast forward to 2011 and we are pretty much a real city, like any other city. Fast moving, people everywhere, self absorption, manners all but gone, self importance (too inflated of course) etc etc. I could go on and on with the downs of both the city life and country life. We all have them. I won’t.
(see off the main path again)… so back to inspiration. I was really inspired this past month. I am 36 and just realizing some things in life. Maybe some things I ought to have already learned by some standards but that is the point I am trying to make. When did we all become God? When did we all take the right to judge everyone else while not looking closely at ourselves? When did calling another woman a bitch become cool? (Is white bitch the next cool thing because in the 19 years I have lived in Atlanta – being called that numerous times is NOT -can I tell you- COOL). When did being a rude person become status quo? I have always been different to the mainstream and guess that wont change. At 36 though – I have become almost comfortable with myself. Almost. So some of the same feelings I have been trying to suppress as I thought growing older meant being different – untrue to myself so I could appear more mature. I am not mature. I am a child inside. I dressed in suits after college because I thought you were supposed to. I tried to act more grown up and get a REAL job. That hasn’t been a high of my life either. Nothing I was supposed to do has worked for me. So I pretended to be happy and guess where that landed me? In a heap of mess. Emotional and otherwise. We are not here to moan and groan though as I am grateful for every second of my life. So finally at 36 I am getting it together or feel like I am and this vacation was the inspirational push I needed. Life is short. Live it on your terms and the rest will fall into place. I don’t dress for anyone else any more, I work to live and not live to work, I am comfortable that I don’t have kids, don’t make 6 figures, am not a size 4 or 6 and yes my hobby is something that is mostly covered by 20 something’s. AND? So what. I have a job, a wonderful husband, a fabu family, health, a home, and friends. I have been somewhat shy and nervous about putting myself out there. Not sure when that happened but I don’t want any part of it any longer. Fake is not in my future. Growing older does mean change, many are scared of change, but change - in fact - is good. It cleanses the soul and refreshes your spirit. You learn from change. I do make mistakes – I have made a lot. Only a fool repeats them over and over. I am also a fool – but no longer. I no longer care to pretend that all is fine. I no longer care to pretend I am more successful than I am. I no longer care to pretend I have the best life and the best of everything. I no longer care to live a fa├žade. This is me and I am proud. Proud I quit drinking, proud I beat cancer – twice, proud to be a great wife and home keeper, proud to be a great employee, proud to still love life and love getting older, yes I said that! Proud to have hobbies, friends and family that make life fun! Proud to be an American and proud to be ME. SO here it is my friends, the new journey of Verseastyle… a lot of fashion, and a little more ME.

Xoxoxo Deanna Heath