DIVA is a female version of a hustla..

I have always loved anything from the seventies era: Afros, flares, platforms, you name it! So I am happy to hear whenever the 70's make a 'comeback'. I'm doing a little jive walking in my Christiana Zinn denim jacket, Club Monaco flares (easy laid back vibe of the 70's means I can just roll my pants and not actually commit to hemming them.... I mean, I have a large bag of items that are supposed to go to the alterations already!), and a DIVA shirt from ebay. Love the tacky silver threads in the afro... look close or click on any pic for a close up. White stone ring and white hoops ( I think I am going back to wearing larger than life hoops for the summer) from F21. These pants are like pajamas - got them in beige too.
This week's agenda includes going outside as much as possible, cramming work into a 4 day work week, meetings/ planning for fashion event coming in April, introduce new writing gig to you all and living life fully! Enjoy your week xoxox

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