Pretty Pleats


Ok so before we got booted from this property for taking "public pictures", Sara and I were enjoying the fun of trying to snap some blog worthy photos in front of this beautiful stained glass window. Funny thing is we got what we wanted with the help of mother nature blowing this pleated beauty all over the place and almost causing a Marilyn moment. (ish would not have been as sexy - believe me).  Even funnier, we work in the building across the street with the same owner as this building so really??? We even designed some of the tenants - any hoo....  public pictures still makes me laugh.. The comments and stares this skirt yields is even funnier - let's see in one day this skirt / me was called: ballerina, pink swan, interesting etc. I happen to love the satin material (maybe not so much in stomach area), the pleats upon pleats, the pink color and even the weird knee cap length. Found in a Goodwill in Savannah - Arden B for $8 - score! Paired with a Gap T and Jeffrey Campbell wedges in a weird lilac/ grey. They stated grey as the color but they don't really match anything grey that I own :) For a girl that never really harped on pink that much, I sure do like it lately.

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