I'm gonna get you sucka

So after shopping Sunday... and managing to buy a hat, sunnies, white jeans, a new purse clutch (in which the strap somehow already broke on the way into work this morning yah! =  new clutch), neon socks, a Max Studio dress and some hoop earrings.. the one thing I wanted to score I could not find! Behold the non-existent (in the South anyway) beige ankle boot - yes I will still wear them even in 90 degree weather. I am almost (almost I said) on the BleachBlack bandwagon of protesting sandals this year... so here are my pics courtesy of Amazon shopping which at this point is apparently better than the shopping in Atlanta (for boots in April anyway lol): (guess which ones I just ordered - should be here soon!)

From top: Sam Edelman, Nine West, Dr. Scholls
PC: Amazon

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