Brazil on Fire: Osklen by Oskar Metsavaht

Gisele comes to mind when discussing Brazilian fashion. The lady herself put Brazil on the map (and oh la la she has a lingerie line coming out - hope we all look THAT good!). I mean we already knew the country had a mass of beautiful people and that they could wear a rag and look good. This time we have a business mind/ sportsman type that has managed to slowly creep onto the fashion scene. Oskar Metsavaht for Olsken's designs are far more European in flair of the Scandinavian simplicity we have seen of late, but with just enough sex appeal to adamantly declare: this is Brazil baby. With two stores in the USA to date (Mia and NY)... I would be willing to bet there will be more popping up soon.  For now visit the site at http://osklen.com/ . There are also a few online stores that stock some of the older designs. Keep your eye on him!

Next designer focus: a local lady with a beautiful line of clothes we can actually wear to work! Stay tuned...

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