Ok, so I do love Beyonce and Loreal products... in fact I love the American Drug Store - period. Name it and I have been in it. Probably for hours on end to scour the best deals and peruse the color availability. I have barely a need to go to department stores for makeup, clothes etc. although the appeal is somewhat seductive. Anyhooooooo la... I love the Infallible lipgloss collection immediately. I am not a huge lipgloss fan, as I get older though they have a lot more appeal as a lipstick tends to accentuate your mouth lines.. not that I am admitting to having any. Why no... I do not :( :) haha. Back to the subject - Loreal Infallible lipgloss. I have bought 2 - which is huge for me - I do not buy something more than once - in more than one shade - unless proven worthy. So for me: Nude lips = #815 Infallible Barely Nude and for the nice red lips get #306 Plumped Red. For those with skinny lips a la moi - we won't get much plumping which is great for my freinds that want this same lush color with out the injection-looking-lips - alas - great for everyone! Which is of course my fave finds of all as I am a bargainista/ time saving/ fashion machine :)

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