I am really enjoying the last weeks of summer, heat and all. I try to stay out of the sun for the most part, but this heat and a gorgeous clear pool make for an evil and tempting combo. I dip in after 3pm and use spf 70 mostly. You just can't beat the warm sun, floating in the water and listening to the tranquility of living just o.t.p. on a day like today. I have been walking/running at least 2 miles a day and cooking every night. (almost) Amazing how you feel when you take the best care of yourself.
Went to NC for almost a week and visited almost every thrift store with my sister resulting in the photos above. The first is her perfect pair of disheveled jeans. I want them, but she is probably half my size! Next is a pair of cowboy boots, when I say thrifting with my sister this also includes us swapping things like shoes and maybe a top or purse. Needless to say she gave me these purple-ish (more periwinkle) and taupe cowboy boots. I like them. I might however do a diy and make the purple color black since I would wear them more like that. hmm. The last photo shows some of my thrifted fall lineup. Wonder if I can wear any of this in NY in a couple weeks... I can't even begin to wear a sweater here yet.. not even at night. Anyway - I got numerous sweaters, a fuchsia silk blouse, velvet maxi skirt in purple, red velvet wide leg trousers, burgundy leather Coach bucket hat, and BCBGirls bronze heels and navy/ silver skirt. All in all a great place to find hidden gems. I also hit up the opposite end at South Park and got goodies from Benetton and Nordstrom.... photos soon!


Road to Nowhere

Wearing H&M dress and bag, BCBGirls shoes, Chloe sunnies, Jeffrey Rogers denim vest


Porcelain Black

This b&^tch rocks! I love her hair and sense of style not to mention her voice. Her video is now posted to the right so we can watch over and over without going to You Tube!

Habitual User

Saw this ad in the new Nylon and fell in love with the Chianti color. Must have for fall are these Habitual color coated denims. Black of course would be more wearable but I want anything wine/burgundy colored this fall.



Nothing beats a pool on a hot day. That and my fave bikinis of the moment from Target. Now really is the time to stock up on bathing suits. I know it takes time to mull thru and find the right sizes (especially if sold separately) but finding one at sometimes more than half off is well worth it. I also have a neon yellow ruffled bikini I have been wearing a lot. Now I just want the classic one piece black and I will be set - until everything cute comes out for Resort '12 - right?



My friend, Norma and I hit up the opening of THIS exhibit at MODA Atlanta last month. It was absolutely amazing. The night was warm and they had tables set up outside as the inside was completely packed. We wondered throughout the new designs and concepts and marveled at the architects ingenius new ideas. See for yourself, it is open thru Septemeber 17th. I wore a Ralph Lauren dress and Nine West heels. I love the flowery design on Norma's dress and now I want some black patent pumps for fall :) Thanks haha


Aug 11

Random pictures and thoughts from this summer. Top  & bottom pictures are the shoes I have added to my closet: a mix of Mossimo, Nine West, and Qupid Luxe. Next are H&M purse, antiques, Confidence ring from Target stating "Nothing is Impossible", and a close up shot of moi. So those are the random pics. I kind of needed to feel the emptying out of all my stacked up sh*&. I start to feel clogged down and uninspired otherwise, that and I forget where I have things saved and then can't be bothered to search! The random thoughts this Sunday morning include ready to shoot some new outfits, want coffee now, is it raining all day and what the hell am I taking to NYFW?! :)


Pinky Swear

I became a member of the pink-jean-club when I bought these shorts on sale at Target - $12 mind you, so I could not resist. I am thinking of the multiple ways to harden/roughen them up. A denim shirt, cowboy boots, some suede or leather. They might just be more versatile then you woud think. So today just some quick pics of an easy way to style them. We are still hitting about 100 each day so layering is not really an option yet. Easy, lightweight striped tee and vintage chucks did nicely.


The Grape Lakes

I love this color from OPI. The Grape Lakes. I will definately use this one again. It is the perfect mix of a bronze and plum color. Go on - give it a try!