I am really enjoying the last weeks of summer, heat and all. I try to stay out of the sun for the most part, but this heat and a gorgeous clear pool make for an evil and tempting combo. I dip in after 3pm and use spf 70 mostly. You just can't beat the warm sun, floating in the water and listening to the tranquility of living just o.t.p. on a day like today. I have been walking/running at least 2 miles a day and cooking every night. (almost) Amazing how you feel when you take the best care of yourself.
Went to NC for almost a week and visited almost every thrift store with my sister resulting in the photos above. The first is her perfect pair of disheveled jeans. I want them, but she is probably half my size! Next is a pair of cowboy boots, when I say thrifting with my sister this also includes us swapping things like shoes and maybe a top or purse. Needless to say she gave me these purple-ish (more periwinkle) and taupe cowboy boots. I like them. I might however do a diy and make the purple color black since I would wear them more like that. hmm. The last photo shows some of my thrifted fall lineup. Wonder if I can wear any of this in NY in a couple weeks... I can't even begin to wear a sweater here yet.. not even at night. Anyway - I got numerous sweaters, a fuchsia silk blouse, velvet maxi skirt in purple, red velvet wide leg trousers, burgundy leather Coach bucket hat, and BCBGirls bronze heels and navy/ silver skirt. All in all a great place to find hidden gems. I also hit up the opposite end at South Park and got goodies from Benetton and Nordstrom.... photos soon!

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