Aug 11

Random pictures and thoughts from this summer. Top  & bottom pictures are the shoes I have added to my closet: a mix of Mossimo, Nine West, and Qupid Luxe. Next are H&M purse, antiques, Confidence ring from Target stating "Nothing is Impossible", and a close up shot of moi. So those are the random pics. I kind of needed to feel the emptying out of all my stacked up sh*&. I start to feel clogged down and uninspired otherwise, that and I forget where I have things saved and then can't be bothered to search! The random thoughts this Sunday morning include ready to shoot some new outfits, want coffee now, is it raining all day and what the hell am I taking to NYFW?! :)

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  1. Great shoes' collection! The pair of orange/pink heels is my fav!