H by Halston

Collaborations. They're everywhere. We are all familiar by now with quite a few of the clothing hook ups.... most recently Target and Missoni, Macy's and Karl, and H&M and everyone haha. At last an audience without endless expendable income can also now access the beautiful designs of these artists that were once reserved only for the rich. I am excited to see the entire Versace for H&M.

What I haven't really looked into has been the shoes and accessories collabos. I know Christian Siriano for Payless killed it with his designs as I looked everywhere for these babies to no avail when they first came out. There have been a few others but how did H by Halston slip by? At BAKERS? I was seriously floored when I went to Bakers in search of the burgundy boots I have looked for years to find showed up in Seventeen magazine (thanks to my niece Carrie for telling me I HAVE to look at her magazine!) and saw an entire wall of H by Halston. They were amazing. I asked if this was THAT Halston as in from the 70's? YEP - they had glittery platforms, super high wedges, sequins, colors  - take a look here and below.

First - THE burgundy boots... they are mostly suede with a patent back and heel:
H by Halston wedges:

Wild Pair had some good designs as well:

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