NYFW Street Style I

I have realized that I may have gone slightly overboard with the street style snaps I took during NYFW! While they are all worth showing you - I may take my time about these posts so that we can really appreciate these styles and give them a shot ourselves! Here we go fashionistas...

 Ahhh The Lincoln Center  - home to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the 2nd year in a row.
 Love these dresses and the cute hat! Brown and black have been a favorite combination of mine ever since I can remember as that was my Mom's favorite colors to pair as well :)
 Could the ladylike red shoes and yellow/white dress be any cuter? And a girl after my own fashion heart as she toughened it up a little with the leather biker jacket.
 Nautical cuteness! Do you think they planned to color coordinate so well?! Digging the peter pan collar too..
 Style has no age limit. This gentleman above oozes coolness with his casual suit, converse and can you make out the huge silver ring? (left ring finger)
 I think me and dude on the right have the same hair color! Woop! Simple outfits on these guys but they look like fashion rock stars!
Droool, swoooooon..... perfection
 As further evidenced since apparently not 1, not even 2, but 3 photos were necessary to capture the beauty of her and her dress and ...
 of course THOSE SHOES....
 This actually might be the fashion BFF addition - anyone else notice all these couplings in this post?! Classics like the ladies are sporting above never go out of style!
 The shoes, the dress, the hat, the hair! Love!
Metallic ballet flats and can't-go-wrong black with a side of plaid, stripes and wedges... which look do you prefer?

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