Red September

Ok I will admit to not being a typical fashion person. I don't drool over head to toe Gucci (although I do love Gucci, not saying that) but the idea of wearing head to toe of the same designer is just that - the designers vision. Anyone with money can point to a mannequin and look "like that". I like to create my own vision. I like to mix thrift with designer and throw in H&M and F21.  That, to me, is really what fashion is about. Designers create their own ideas and we get to mix them all together to fit our own personal style. This is what you decide to tell the world about yourself before you even open your mouth. I don't have one look. I like to constantly change. Hell yesterday I went redder and about  7"shorter with my hair. (obvi this pic was taken before that!) I love it. I rarely am unhappy with any change I make. What prompted all of this ranting you ask? Well I read something the other day that just did not sit right. Someone stated that it was not right and even insinuated tacky to tell someone how much you paid for something. I do this all of the time. I get a thrill from finding my Coach leather bucket hat for .50 cents while it is on ebay for $75.00. Not everyone knows how to do this. I get asked questions on here everyday and in real life: Where do you thrift? How do you have the patience? When do you know if it is fake? So in my humble opinion, when I tell someone how much, where and how it is educating someone. I like to help people to look their best. It is not some top secret case that I have to keep to myself. I think it is the biggest compliment if someone wants to emulate your style. So save the drama, the world has enough in store for us and share! Share ideas, share costs, share stores, share your style! In fact: I am wearing the bad ass red suede platforms in Target right now for about $30+ . Honestly can not remember the dress. I think thrifted. It looks like the perfect summer dress that you would find in Spain... the polka dots, the big red flowers all remind me of when I visited. Que tenga un buen dia!!

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