Happy Halloween

My idea of a Halloween "costume"! Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed with Piper- Heidsieck to make this super sexy fishnet and cat mask designed champagne bottle just in time for Halloween. Hopefully, you have already gotten me a bottle... with some chocolate...wait Halloween, not V day...oh nevermind. Still applies - to any day actually so buy some here.


Copy Cats

Preface: I love Jeffrey Campbell and think I have at least 5 pairs from Solestruck to date.... buuuut most of the blogger fashion trains just don't do it for me - e.g. the Lita. It is a cute shoe/boot, declared comfy and looks fab on most of the followers of the Jeffrey Campbell best seller - but I never ordered a pair in any of the array of colors, fabrics and patterns that have been available. I don't have anything against going with the flow if I truly love something that others love. I am very excited when someone emulates my style or asks where I purchased something. In noticing the ever growing abundance of Theyskens Theory and Burberry pointy toe, hefty wedges abound on the blogs, I have fallen for this style BAD. I want it yesterday. It makes any outfit shoot up on the cool radar from jeans to dresses. Let's start with Theyskens Theory: the two versions below are about $465.00, which for me is a hefty price tag. I would of course throw down 5 benjamins for a pair if I had it, as I truly believe the overall cost per wear would be abominably low. So here are the tormentors:

The Jeffrey Campbell versions are gorgeous and a much better price. The first pair is called Zeke and I found it on Nasty Gal for $208.00:

I also found the Audrey on Nasty Gal for $138.00 - the color and price are sweet (only size 7.5 left which just happens to be my size lol):

Next, let's look at the Burberry wedges which my Dad would so endearingly refer to as clodhoppers. They are not quite as popular as the Theyskens above and rightly so coming in at a whopping $895.00 - yikes!

So in true Jeffrey Campbell style, here are couple more affordable versions (both are $165.00) from Solestruck (my favorite shoe shopping site with free shipping). The first style is the Zinger:

Second, the Zealous:

Gearing up for the Zeke and Zealous I think. Might as well keep in the "Z" theme (any excuse, I know!) If you have bought any of these pairs of shoes already, please leave a comment and tell us about the fit, wear etc. Happy shopping!


Light n Fluffy

Back to a brunette! Ahhh some r&r for the hair. I need a trim and to lay off the hair dye for a minute. My Stylist, Erin, just had a baby (yeah!!) and so I took to the bottle myself. I used to do my color all of the time, but when you venture into color that is more than a couple of shades different than your own - it is best left to the professionals. I chose the L'oreal Sublime Mousse in Pure Darkest Dark Brown. I think it matches my hair color the best and covers the red. I kind of want to see my natural color and texture since it has been thru blond to red and back again. There is no telling what I might have under there! Plus I hear that your hair changes as you get older. So mine should still be exactly the same then ~ wink wink. On to more important things... clothes and shoes!

Zara jeans I just picked up. Yes they are light.. I know we all like the darker jeans for the colder months but these fit like a glove and those that know me will see that this is just right. I like to break the rules! The vest, sweater (last seen here) and the shoes are all thrifting finds. I know the shoes are Rampage but the others are not labeled. I can tell the vest is faux, which leads to a whole other discussion. I have been asked many times my thoughts on fur. Well I have faux and real hanging in my closet to date. Only two real ones and they were thrifting finds. I personally do not want to support purchasing a new real fur, however it just feels different when I find a real fur thrifting. Does anyone else feel that way?


Versace x H&M

First look at some of the Versace x H&M collection via Polyvore. Here is my set for the contest: (not sure I really entered as there was an error telling me I HAD to be 13 years old- you know I beat that # by a small margin)..

Versace X H&M


Fall Beauty Inspiration

 I love this 1950's ad with Marilyn.. sets the tone for the beauty vibe I am feeling for fall 11 which is basically shown below with some of the classic beauties and a couple modern day sirens as well... enjoy!
 Milla on the cover of Jezebel magazine. The hair and makeup caught my eye. I like the undone look of the hair with the classic makeup of today. Think I will go brunette again - it has been almost 1.5 years (with blond and then red) since I have seen my natural color!
 Unknown beauty - again with the classic smoky makeup and shorter hair - slightly tousled. I would pull out the old rollers or curling iron and then run your fingers through your hair!
 Perfect. Cat eyes and the beautiful, shiny, messy bob! This is what I am going for!
 Really - need I say anything?
 Gwen always looks beautiful. On days when I embrace my curls to the fullest... this is the route to take. I usually have a way messier look though!
Dominique Boschero is breathtaking in this photo... so to re-create this look, I would go to Ulta 3 where you can buy clip in extensions. Jessica Simpson's wavy, long length worked great with my blond hair. I can only imagine the brunette would work just as great. I have used the ponytail also and both are fantastic, easy to use and people thought it was my real hair!

PC: Coco Perez, Google Images, Jezebel


Wish Upon A Star

I love the star print on everything from Rihanna's tattoo's to the D&G runway, so of course this jumpsuit complete with stars had to come home with me after a thrifting trip to NC.

Wearing vintage Doncaster jumpsuit, Target red suede/patent shoes and gifted silver chain belt.


Charlotte's Web

For the first night of CNCFW I wore a vintage zebra sweater, handmade earrings from an artist in Atlanta, spiked bracelet from NY vendor, Nine West heels, I.N.C. skirt and faux leather bag from Second Fiddle in Belmont, NC.

 I love the all black, crochet and lace details and the bun of course so we can see it all!
 My Mom always looks elegant and classy. The cranberry and brown combo is beautiful. The BCBG purse has purple and cranberry sequin and beaded stripes - perfect!
 My 9 W shoes are very comfortable and the straps are a combo of leather and fabric...
 Love the bright colors and silhouettes; of course anything with feathers is winning me over at the moment as well.
Last night of CNCFW I wore (of course) feather earrings haha from a vendor in NY, H&M dress and Jeffrey Campbell shoes...
 and bedazzled lashes...
 Miss South Carolina was in the audience looking pretty in pink:
 These ladies looked beautiful in their jumpsuits... I might have found the perfect winter jumpsuit thrifting while in NC!
Can you guess the hostest with the mostest? I will tell soon!