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Preface: I love Jeffrey Campbell and think I have at least 5 pairs from Solestruck to date.... buuuut most of the blogger fashion trains just don't do it for me - e.g. the Lita. It is a cute shoe/boot, declared comfy and looks fab on most of the followers of the Jeffrey Campbell best seller - but I never ordered a pair in any of the array of colors, fabrics and patterns that have been available. I don't have anything against going with the flow if I truly love something that others love. I am very excited when someone emulates my style or asks where I purchased something. In noticing the ever growing abundance of Theyskens Theory and Burberry pointy toe, hefty wedges abound on the blogs, I have fallen for this style BAD. I want it yesterday. It makes any outfit shoot up on the cool radar from jeans to dresses. Let's start with Theyskens Theory: the two versions below are about $465.00, which for me is a hefty price tag. I would of course throw down 5 benjamins for a pair if I had it, as I truly believe the overall cost per wear would be abominably low. So here are the tormentors:

The Jeffrey Campbell versions are gorgeous and a much better price. The first pair is called Zeke and I found it on Nasty Gal for $208.00:

I also found the Audrey on Nasty Gal for $138.00 - the color and price are sweet (only size 7.5 left which just happens to be my size lol):

Next, let's look at the Burberry wedges which my Dad would so endearingly refer to as clodhoppers. They are not quite as popular as the Theyskens above and rightly so coming in at a whopping $895.00 - yikes!

So in true Jeffrey Campbell style, here are couple more affordable versions (both are $165.00) from Solestruck (my favorite shoe shopping site with free shipping). The first style is the Zinger:

Second, the Zealous:

Gearing up for the Zeke and Zealous I think. Might as well keep in the "Z" theme (any excuse, I know!) If you have bought any of these pairs of shoes already, please leave a comment and tell us about the fit, wear etc. Happy shopping!

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  1. The Lita really doesn't do it for me, never has, the Audrey however.... yum.