Light n Fluffy

Back to a brunette! Ahhh some r&r for the hair. I need a trim and to lay off the hair dye for a minute. My Stylist, Erin, just had a baby (yeah!!) and so I took to the bottle myself. I used to do my color all of the time, but when you venture into color that is more than a couple of shades different than your own - it is best left to the professionals. I chose the L'oreal Sublime Mousse in Pure Darkest Dark Brown. I think it matches my hair color the best and covers the red. I kind of want to see my natural color and texture since it has been thru blond to red and back again. There is no telling what I might have under there! Plus I hear that your hair changes as you get older. So mine should still be exactly the same then ~ wink wink. On to more important things... clothes and shoes!

Zara jeans I just picked up. Yes they are light.. I know we all like the darker jeans for the colder months but these fit like a glove and those that know me will see that this is just right. I like to break the rules! The vest, sweater (last seen here) and the shoes are all thrifting finds. I know the shoes are Rampage but the others are not labeled. I can tell the vest is faux, which leads to a whole other discussion. I have been asked many times my thoughts on fur. Well I have faux and real hanging in my closet to date. Only two real ones and they were thrifting finds. I personally do not want to support purchasing a new real fur, however it just feels different when I find a real fur thrifting. Does anyone else feel that way?

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