Mint Condition

Mint green or sage is such a pick me up color in winter! I wore this last week when we had temps around 70, hence the bare legs. This crop sweater is so old I have no idea where I even got it - maybe in England.. It has obviously gone in and out of trend over the years and this time around you have to wear a higher waist than say in the 90's (whew!). So I hiked up the BCBG pleated skirt and added a vintage velvet blazer to try to emphasize that I do have a waist under all this bell like silhouette. I am not really the one to declare "I can't wear (fill in whatever here)".... but there are some shapes that do look better than others when one is not a size 0 and has some actual curves. :) This one is for those not afraid to reveal those curves ...
Mint shoes! Yes they actually are ombre and turn to a blueish color - they were a great find for the Verseastyle Boutique. The earrings were made from a local Atlanta artist and were a gift.

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