So we are moving right along into 2012 and damn it if I don't already want more stuff - what about this green living and getting along with less? Well these three little things will be used, I guarantee, and don't even take up that much space..
We all love Kate and she has been with Rimmel as the face for a while, but she has just launched a new lipstick collection - 14 shades and a long lasting finish and I am sold! Plus for the price... we can just take all 14 right?

Noticeably I change my hair color a lot, but have decided recently to give it a break and let the natural color grow in. Just in time for spring, Kevin Murphy has brilliantly developed Color.Bug - a powder pigment we can simply wipe on and wipe off - letting us be pink, orange or purple haired babes for just one night! Watch out Ms. Charlotte Free!
Lastly, I am dreaming of sand and sun somewhere soon. I would love a classic black one piece and a Vogue limited edition beach towel. The illustration on the towel was used on a Vogue cover in 1926! I really don't know if I could drag this one down to the beach though at $450.. hahaha
PC: Vogue.com, Rimmel.com, Kevinmurphy.com.au

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