5 Hot Short Hairstyles to Try Now!

Summer is almost here! Long days, warm nights and a heated up social schedule make this the perfect time to try a new short hairstyle! Short hair is versatile and anyone can look great, the secret is to find the cut that is right for you.

Before you go for the chop, consider these three factors:

1.Face Shape:

Oval shapes can pretty much look great in any cut, so be sure to concentrate on the next two factors. Round shapes need some height to elongate the face. Stay away from volume on the sides of your face as this well tend to make your face look wide. Oblong shapes are the opposite to round and require some volume at the sides and less volume on top to make the face appear wider. For diamond/ heart shapes the best short cut would have layers and bangs (full or sideswept).
2.Hair Type:

Consider whether you have fine, thick, straight, or curly hair as this is important. To fight the natural pattern of your hair every morning defies one of the main purposes to having short hair - saving time! Don't forget to look at cow licks, curl patterns, weight of hair etc. Your professional stylist will help you with this. Preferably a stylist that has worked with your hair previously, but if not, one that specializes in your hair type would be worth the money.

3.Fear Factor:

Do you dive right into the pool or descend one step at a time? Gradually going short may be better for you if you are not one that is great with drastic changes!

Make sure to tell the salon you would like extra consulting time prior to your actual appointment time to discuss a major change. Take one of the new looks below or find a picture you like, just take a visual of some sort to your stylist. Believe me, we all think our direction and vision is clear but "short" has many different meanings.

With your new cut you will find you get ready faster, use less products and just feel differently. Confident, edgy and modern are all words we associate with women who wear a short cut well. Celebrities like Halle Berry, Ginnifer Goodwin and Ellen DeGeneres are perfect examples of women that have found a short cut to really showcase how beautiful they are. Here are five hot short hairstyles to try for this Summer!

The Pixie Cut

The Asymetrical Cut

The Wet Look

The Choppy Bob

The Shag
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