Change is good

Life is full of changes, by choice or not. Naturally we change as we age; it happens to all of us. Appearance, health, relationships, careers, homes and even husbands can change, by choice or not. In life there are always two paths to any situation: choose to embrace or not.

I'd like to think on a personal level I am the former. I certainly embrace a multitude of changes outwardly, as evidenced on VerseaStyle. No, I'm not positive all of the time, but am learning the value of the meaning "change what you can and accept what you can't". Changes have happened at the speed of light in a short time, some by choice and some not.

VerseaStyle is also changing. After 2.5 years, it's time. I have realized that the personal style diary and things-I-love-in-fashion just won't cut it for my readers any longer. Albeit some harsh advice but true none the less, VerseaStyle had not embraced versatility and that the true reason for starting VerseaStyle in the first place had been lost. VerseaStyle is the ability to adapt and embrace the versatility of life's changes with style. So on to new changes... after all, change is coming, by choice or not.

Marie Osmond before and after weight loss - change is good!

Jennifer Lopez as a Fly Girl and all grown up as a Diva - change is good!

Ginnifer Goodwin with long pretty hair...

and what a knockout when she cut it all off - change is good!
PC: ABC, Google Images, Fox/Getty Images, Zimbio

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